About Our Services

Summary of Services


Preparation of monthly financial statements that are distributed to the Board of Directors in a timely manner.

Open and Maintain bank accounts as directed by the Board of Directors. Each Association’s Funds are deposited into an account for their specific property. Funds are not co-mingled.

Maintain account ledgers and history for each homeowner.

Secure the printing and mailing of billing coupons or statements to all owners.

Assist the treasurer in preparing and submitting a proposed annual budget to the Board.

Review billing for accuracy in cost and goods and prepare checks for approved invoices.

Upon request, provide individual homeowners with the status of their account and coordinate the solution for any discrepancies.

Maintain comprehensive paid bills file that is open to inspection (by appointment) by the members of the Association.

Generate and mail out correspondence necessary to bring delinquent accounts up to date and if unsuccessful in collecting, work with the Association’s attorney for appropriate legal action.

Assist and cooperate with any outside auditing firm that may be retained by the Association.

Prepare and process IRS Form 1099’s at the end of each calendar year for tax purposes.


Promote community spirit through a kind, considerate and educational approach to deed restriction compliance.

Perform administrative record keeping including assisting with architectural applications.

Maintain communication and correspondence with homeowners.

Review and assist with the placement of insurance.

Assist in development and enforcement of property rules and regulations.

Attend all scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors per contract.

Assist the Board of Directors in dealing with all homeowner questions and provide input as to prudent courses of action.

Assist the Board with preparation of Rules and Regulations of the Association for review by the Association’s attorney prior to distribution to owners.

Maintain current files pertinent to the Association including an up-to-date roster of all owners to the extent that information is provided to the Agent.

Advise Board of Directors regarding Board and Member Meetings including notice preparation, mailing, and agenda development.


Make arrangements for maintenance as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Solicit bids for contract services and supervise the completion of the contract; reporting progress to the Board of Directors as necessary. Prepare an analysis of the bids for the Board’s review and present proposals for the Board’s vote and signature.

Procure contractors to provide maintenance service for the common area. Pre-qualify contractors by requesting insurance and verifying references.

Receive and process work orders by homeowners per guidelines set out by the Board of Directors.

Respond to owners and external inquires during normal business hours via telephone, mail, or email in a timely manner.

Respond to emergency request 24 hours a day by telephone.

Visit property, as necessary, to meet with the homeowners or vendors and to make determinations about the physical state of the property.


Recognize and be accountable for all our actions as managing agents; including sensitivity to the rights and needs of the membership, striving for quality and accuracy in reporting, advice and counsel, and maintain the letter and spirit of the Association’s governing documents.

Exercise prudence and integrity in the management of funds and assets in our custody and in all financial transactions.

Strive to enhance our individual expertise through continuing education.

We believe in working together to achieve both individual and common goals.

It is our vision and our intention to be recognized as the finest property management company in our area. Count on Homeowners Association Management, Inc. to provide competent, professional and consistent services to your association at a reasonable cost.